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Evaluating the flange rigidity for large diameter integral body flanges: index J versus the k-factor approach
Flange rigidity approaches intend to limit flange rotation in order to prevent leakage. Recently, Walther Stikvoort has published an article in which he evaluates various flange rigidity approaches for large-diameter body flanges. He concludes that the k-factor approach excessively compensates when compared to the index J approach which leads to a larger flange thickness and a less economical flange design.
Flange rotation
Dimensioning a custom heat exchanger flange with a few simple rules

Dimensioning a custom heat exchanger flange can be done quite quickly using a number of simple rules. Starting with the internal diameter B the flange dimensions can be determined step by step. The end result is a feasible flange with dimensions that can be used to do a stress analysis with, for example, the P3 Engineering VES-software.

This blog is a condensed version of the full paper that is available here.

Minimum bolt spacing